bleeding thoughts

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Live in fragments no longer

Right now & right now & right now…

You have the ability to choose love over fear; to respond instead of react; to create instead of destroy; to see the truth instead of shadows; to be light instead of darkness.

Because you, my love, are an eternal being on the leading edge of the universe. Your entire reality is being created from your perspective, from your strength to let go of the old patterns that you’ve bound yourself to; from the thoughts that have been tying you in knots.

Take back your own power. Allow yourself to be free. Make the conscious decision to make conscious decisions; to know that everything that is happening is for your highest good; that everything is in perfect, divine order & is unfolding brilliantly to please you.

Let go of your expectations & see that your attachments only come from insecurity & the illusion of control.

Be free & allow what is to surprise you, delight you & fulfill your entire being with joy, compassion & peace.

All is well, forever & anon