bleeding thoughts

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Live in fragments no longer

In moving through my awareness, I have found that there is only ever one question I need to ask my self when deciding how far I want to pursue a thought: Do I want to be free or do I want to be bound?

I want to be fluid. I want to flow. I want to move with the tides of the Universe. While desires are  fun, fresh & healthy,  attachments are not. They paint the illusion that there is some moment or some thing that will “bring it all together.”

But we just don’t know. We never do.

But the Universe does. And it is our job to plant the seeds, not to make them grow.

There is nothing we need to do to receive but just be. And there is nothing we need to orchestrate, since everything that comes to us is a perfect match for who we are & what we need.

This leaves the true work to us— to open up & allow everything to unfold as it may, without holding our fulfillment within it.

If we let circumstance determine how we feel, then we have tied ourselves to something outside of our control. And in this place of disconnect, we have left the party that is our harmony with the Universe. And that’s a very scary thing! Because we can’t do it alone. There are too many moving parts, too many unseen pieces.

But we don’t have to do anything but move with the flow.

And so now & forever more, I choose to set my self free. I let go of all expectations. I give my self permission to feel good no matter what; so that I can truly allow all that is coming to come & all that is now, to be.

I treat everyone as the guru; the beloved; the one I flow my love to. I hold no one on a pedestal, because if I do, as lovely as they are, they will never be enough.

I free my self from the illusions that come from weighing my self against the status of a condition— even when I perceive it as “good” or going “my way.”  I don’t know what way things are going, & if I tie my happiness to something outside of my self, I am always reaching, always grasping, always being “something is missing.” And I deserve to be at peace simply because I am, just as much as everyone in my experience deserves to be seen as they are: light. Divine perfection.

My joy, my love, my happiness— it comes from my decision to be empty & allow the universe to fill me. She knows who I am, she knows what I want. I choose to release the bondage; I choose to release the need to struggle.

I choose to be free. I choose to allow.

Shhh… the Universe loves you, baby. She’s got your back. It is safe to let go. You were never in control, anyway.