bleeding thoughts

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Live in fragments no longer

Have you ever felt a vibrational shift within yourself so wild, so fiery, so free, that everything that “is” just melted away into the becoming of what is manifesting beyond the visible?

How wonderful it is to acknowledge that all is happening outside of our tiny perception; that no matter what things may appear to be right now, they are always changing for our highest good—that nothing is ever taken from us, missing, or even static at all.

Life is perpetual change; love is endless flow. When we learn to appreciate who we are without the things we think we want, we open ourselves up to the frequencies of the universe; we allow ourselves to receive divine guidance, inspiration & trust that all is well.

Let go, my love. Life has bigger & better plans for you than you could even imagine. Have fun with all of this, it’s all a ride.

Let the universe show you that in the absence of your resistance, in the appreciation for the divine moment that is here, now, offering itself to you completely, you are eternally on your way to unfolding bliss, forever & anon.

How would you live if you knew that, beyond your intentions & desires, you knew that things were always working out for you?

Step into that power. Claim what is in your vortex of creation. You are enough. 

When you align yourself with the energy of your source, of your highest self, all will flow easily & naturally to you; when you have fun along the way, not only do you “get there” faster, but you enjoy every moment—which is what we came here for.

Let us remember that the joy is in the journey & the journey is the joy. We are eternal beings but we are only temporarily here.

This is the only moment you have, right now, to enjoy your life. What are you doing about it?